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Souls of Meta Fun-2-Earn game is live! Join the battle now! Get Souls of Meta Playable NFTs on SoulPad.
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SOULS OF MΞTΛ is a Cross-Game Multi-Chain Fun-2-Earn Win-2-Earn Free-2-Play Third-person Action-RPG Fantasy NFT Gaming Metaverse of Blades and Sorcery where you can own and monetize NFT assets through GameFi and SocialFi, and travel through community-created realms, fight monsters, collaborate with other players (PvE & PvP), solve quests and beyond, to have fun playing and earn at the same time!
We're creating the seamless Fun-2-Earn experience with an integrated Cross-Game NFT eco-system-based gameplay model with Multi-Chain support through EVM bridging and monetization of all in-game assets and through multi-chain DeFi creating a symbiotic GameFi/SocialFi/GuildFi (SoulFi) experience coupled with in-game integrated Game MetaVerse (SoulVerse), Multi-Chain NFT LaunchPad (SoulPad), and in-game DAO (SoulDAO) offerings.
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