Players’ Quarters

It is a fully in-game building from which you can prepare your squad of 3 SuperSoul NFTs for battle. This building has:
  • NFT characters wardrobe
You can select 3 characters for upcoming missions, customize their weapons layout and appearance.
  • Marketplace Merchant NPC
Will allow you to trade your NFT characters, weapons, land and all other kinds of NFTs with other players.
  • Blacksmith NPC
He will help you upgrade your gear for some SOM tokens.
  • Guild NPC
He will tell you all about guilds and help join one. Then you will be able to participate in guilds’ events and grow your Guild Contribution Rank.
  • Dashboard table
Review your total SMP collected, fresh news, Daily Missions progress tracking, statistics, leaderboard – all will be displayed here.
  • Counselor's chambers
A room for your Counselor NFTs to sit in. You may select the one who will be applying his bonus before entering each Play Mode.
  • Doors, Portals, Stairs etc
Grants entrance to different gaming modes and levels. They will allow you to start your journey and explore the diversity of SoulVerse.
Many other NPCs will be added with upcoming updates and in-game events. And of course – decoration NFTs to personalize your Quarters.
Moreover, Seasons will be bringing new fantasy themes to the game and each player will be able to buy unique customizations not only for his house, but also for his settlement!
Last modified 1yr ago