Game Level and Asset Editor

You will have the ability to unleash your creative potential and design Game Levels as NFTs with our unique Game Level & Asset Editor and monetize all activity in your NFT Game Levels. You will be able to create maps for Play Modes like Dungeons, Castle Defense and Battle Royale. There will be tools at your disposal to create new quests, assets and assign rewards for their completion.
Here are two key definitions you may note:
Creator – the one who originally minted the Game Level and published it on the Marketplace. Owner – the one who currently owns the Game Level after purchasing it on the Marketplace from the level creator or other owner.
The coolest part is that all the levels are also Fractional NFTs! It means that you can monetize your creativity in three incredible new ways and beyond.
  1. 1.
    For owners: trade Game Levels on the Marketplace with other players like any other NFT to earn SOM
  2. 2.
    For owners: receive a chunk of SMP tokens that other players earn after completing your level
  3. 3.
    For creators: get royalties from both 1 and 2!
As you may notice, designing a level and minting it to the Marketplace is similar to Staking with dynamic APY and is a great tool to earn passive income. This is the core of our Create-2-Earn model that enables a whole new level of creativity and in-game assets trading.