Disclaimer & Safety

Invest in blockchain projects at your own risk and please do your own research. Out Team is not responsible for your financial losses due to scams and fishing. Stay vigilant and make sure you go through and report groups in the list below:

UPDATED FAKE GROUPS LIST! Report them with the following message: Hi, This is a scam group. Please remove/ban it.

You can find the official socials here: https://SoulsOfMeta.io | https://LinkTr.ee/SoulsOfMeta

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT CHANNEL » https://t.me/SoulsOfMetaOfficial

OFFICIAL GROUP CHAT » https://t.me/SoulsOfMeta

Be advised that our Team and Admins will:

🔸 NEVER DM you First

🔸 NEVER ask for your KYC

🔸 NEVER ask for any donation, or any financial help

🔸 NEVER seek for your password or seed phrase

DO NOT CLICK on any links that are not part of SOM’s official communication to avoid any phishing attacks.

If you see any posts or receive SUSPICIOUS MESSAGES from random individuals, please ask or report them to our moderators.

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