Counselors are unique non-playable character NFTs that give powerful boosts to your overall gaming experience. They are strong wizards and battle masters of the past that you may collect and onboard to your Council. You can equip your Counselor NFT before entering any Play Mode and the special powers of the selected Counselor will be applied.

For example, Counselors can:

  • Temporarily boost certain specs of your characters (HP, MP, Stamina, etc)

  • Temporary boost weapon damage

  • Revive fallen character mid any Play Mode

  • Grant certain unique skills and abilities per battle (i.e. Horde Overlord 15 seconds freeze, Quest NPC minimap highlighter)

  • Prolong Staking Scrolls and other buffs, etc.

Counselor NFTs have tiers as well as everyone else. Those tiers influence Counselors' abilities like spell cooldowns, charges, strength limits, monster limits, character-specific limits, and more. You can choose only one Counselor in PvE modes, so do it wisely as it might be crucial for your success!

As an example, if you can’t beat a level because all your 3 characters are constantly getting killed by monsters, then you may consult a shield booster Counselor from your MetaSuperSouls NFT roaster. He will reflect up to 50% of the damage taken by your SuperSoul NFTs depending on his tier.

Your Counselor NFTs can be upgraded with SOM tokens in the Academy building in your town. More on Towns can be found in the Build-2-Earn section of this Gamepaper.

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