The Dashboard provides an extensive overview of your overall game progress.

This is a place where you can:

  • View overall in-game statistics like the total number of players, new events, SMP tokens farming amounts, top guilds, players, etc.

  • Review and complete your Daily Missions

  • View and participate in Guild Quests

  • Check and engage in Town Quests

  • Enroll into Factions to participate in the Seasonal events

  • Review personal statistics and achievements

  • Get a glance at your earnings for certain time periods across various Play Modes

  • View Leaderboard and your global rank

  • Check your friends' list

  • See recent in-game news, consult tutorials, guides, and help sections

  • And much more!

This is the place you should start your journey every day to get the most out of Souls of Meta gameplay.

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