Leveling up characters

Skill Tree
Killing monsters provides characters with XP. When the necessary amount of XP is gained by your character – he is leveled up automatically. Leveling up provides an increase to players' HP, MP (Health and Mana points), and various attributes. For each level +1 additional skill point is given.
You can spend these skill points according to your preferences inside the Skill Tree of each character inside any mission without the need to go back to your Town or Quarters. Each point will increase primary skills' parameters like attack power, range, casting speed, etc. Keep in mind that it will also increase MP consumption.
Each skill upgrade will require an increasing amount of SOM tokens.
Each character has 3 common and 1 unique skill (unlocked through a special quest that will be added in further updates). The correct combination of skills in the team is the key to victory in both PvE and PvP modes. Keep in mind that acquiring a unique skill will require you to go through a special Quest to unlock and use.
In case a Character dies in battle and is not resurrected via Scroll or Spell, he will lose XP points and, as a result, his level and skill power may decrease. However, obtained spells are never lost after dying and won't require you to spend SOM tokens again.