Play Modes & Realms

Play Modes SoulVerse is vast and waiting for you to explore it. Lots of different Play Modes will be available in SOULS OF MΞTΛ for players to enjoy across multiple iconic locations. Play Modes can be of two types: PvE and PvP. The co-op feature can be in both mode types.

Brand new Win-2-Earn PvP Battle Arena is now live! Defeat your opponents and win huge rewards in epic 1x1 battles! Get started here.

Realms Each Play Mode will have multiple levels that will be placed in different Realms. Realms are thematic locations that bring new assets, visuals, stories, and quest lines into the game. You will have to go through them one by one and the difficulty will be increased with every unlocked Realm. Realms will change the visual setting and the monsters that will attack you providing high diversity to the gameplay. Moreover, players and partners will be able to contribute and design their own Realms through our Create-2-Earn model.

You can try out game levels from Undead and Samurai Realms in our Playable Demo.

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