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Cross-Game SuperSoul NFTs

First Cross-Game partnership announcement!
Apart from native playable SuperSoul NFTs that will be designed by our team and the community, Cross-Game SuperSouls are also powerful avatar NFTs that represent characters from existing NFT games and metaverses. They came to help native SuperSouls to fight Yama and his Horde. These NFTs will come from exclusive collections that we will mint together with our Gaming Partners to be playable within SoulVerse. Each of these characters will have its own visuals, animations, and attributes corresponding to the original game style. Just imagine an epic battle between NFT characters from several of your NFT games, metaverses, or guilds all in your favorite gameplay!
SOULS OF MΞTΛ will be the first-ever Playable Cross-game, Cross-verse, and Multi-Chain NFT Collaboration within the gaming ecosystem with innovative economic models beyond Play and Earn! Moreover, our gaming partners will also be able to create new game levels and host incredible events in SoulVerse for vast communities to enjoy.
Every partner who will create and drop their assets into SoulVerse will get a MetaSoul status. MetaSoul is a special status for our strategic partners that are actively contributing to our cross-marketing and cross-game activities. More on this topic will be announced to our partners directly.