1. 1.
    Idea Phase
  • Fun-2-Earn (Play-Own-Earn + Free-2-Play) Game Concept Design
  • Key Game, Social Guild, and DAO Mechanics
  • Primary Chain Selection and Multi Chain Strategy
  • Key Game Features Development & Execution
  • Strategic Multi-Phased Roadmap Development
2. Team & Marketing Phase
  • Key Team Member Selection and Onboarding
  • Playable Demo Development
  • In-Game Art Design
  • Game-Play Teaser
  • Multi-Channel Community Development and Onboarding
  • Cross-partner NFT Gleam Campaign
  • Launchpads and Guilds NFT Giveaways (characters & weapons)
  • Smart-Contracts Development and Deployment on BNB-Chain
3. Fundraising Phase
  • Playable Demo (HTML & Windows) Launch
  • Tokenomics and Whitepaper
  • Landing Page Launch
  • Securing Key Partnerships
  • Multiple Launchpad Onboarding
  • Strategic Investor Onboarding
  • Genesis INO Date announcement - 19th of July
  • IGO Date announcement – 18th of August
  • IGO Partners and Community Marketing
  • Playable Demo Update with On-chain features Announcement
  • Security Audit Results announcement
4. Launch Phase
  • Cinematic Game-Launch Teasers (INO/IGO)
  • Visual Assets & Graphics Upgrade
  • Genesis INO on Binance with Playable Genesis Character SoulBoxes (SOLD OUT)
  • SOM IDO/TGE Announcement
  • Playable MVP Update with On-chain features Launch
  • Genesis INO on SoulPad with Playable Genesis Characters & Weapons
  • CEX Selection and Announcement
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Single-Asset-Staking Launch on CEX/BitMart
  • IDO Launch (SOLD OUT) and DEX/PancakeSwap Launch
  • CEX and DEX Listing at TGE
  • CEX co-marketing activities
5. Fun-2-Earn Release Phase
  • Launch of Free-2-Play Game v.1 “Ready-Soul-One!” (Multiple Realms)
  • SMP Monthly Tournament launch
  • SMP to BUSD swap enabled
  • Character and Weapon NFT video descriptions
  • New GameFi-styled website update launch
  • Ambassador Influencers Marketing Campaign launch
  • Refer-2-Earn System Launch
  • Portal Dashboard with all your earnings and assets
  • Arena PvP Sneak Peeks
  • Game Mode Update v.2: “Gladiator” Win-2-Earn Arena-style PvP
  • Fun-2-Earn PvP mode launch
  • Free-to-Play PvP mode launch
  • NFT Bundles release
  • Android F2E Version launch, Google Play listing
  • Testflight F2E Version launch, AppStore listing
  • Enhanced combat mechanics
  • NFT Tier attributes enablement
  • Game Update v.2.1: Quest System – Daily missions to earn SMP bonuses
  • Game Update v.2.2: Quest to upgrade NFTs with SOM
  • Game Update v.2.5: "Inquisition" New enemies introduction
  • Castle Defense Teaser
  • Game Mode Update v.3: “HODL the Line” (Castle Defense PvE and Co-op Mode)
  • Game Diversity Update v.3.1: New randomized dungeons
6. Growth Phase
  • Guilds Collaboration: GNFT Introduction
  • Buy One Get One Free NFT competitions
  • Share-2-Earn (Reel & Shot) NFT competitions
  • Tweet-2-Earn NFT competition
  • Discord Invite-2-Earn NFT competition
  • Guilds Collaboration: Selected Scholarship launches
  • In-game Scholarship System implementation
  • Cross-Guild PvP Tournament launch
  • Marketplace update to enable Trading NFTs between users
  • First Major Cross-Game Partnership SuperSoul NFT Collection Drops
  • Guilds PvP Tournament launch
  • Watch-2-Earn Streamers Gameplay campaign In-game
7. Next Major Updates
  • Co-op mode “You Don’t Stand Alone!”
  • More cross-game NFT drops
  • Counselors, Potions, and Powerful Spells “I am the Super Soul”
  • Seasonal Events & Tournaments Story Campaign “Once Upon a Time” and tutorial
  • Battle Royale Mode
  • Multi-Chain NFT Bridging Enablement
  • Land Sale INO
  • Advertisement Center
  • SoulDAO launch
  • Game Level Editor + Designer Permit INO SoulVerse launch with multiple partners