Seasoned and experienced Team with decades of relevant experience from top-tier companies, bringing Crypto Economic Models (Play-Own-Earn and other new innovative economics models) to both Traditional and Blockchain gaming ecosystems with a better Gaming Experience than current web3 games and enabling our eco-system wide community to earn for having Fun!

Core Team

Kevin | Founder/CEO

Ex-PwC/Accenture/Booz | 3xFounder/CEO | GameFi/MetaFi Builder/Advisor/Investor | GuildFi/SocialFi Economist | Web3 RPG Expert | Avid Web3/NFT Gamer

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Peter | Game Dev Lead

GameFi CGO | Ex-Wargaming Core Developer | Game Designer | Avid Traditional/Web3 Gamer


Gur | Blockchain Dev Lead

GameFi CTO | Chief Blockchain Architect | Multi-Chain Expert | Smart Contract Dev Lead | Avid Web3/NFT Gamer

Michael | Head of Markting

GameFi Marketing | Web3 RPG Expert | Avid Traditional/Web3 Gamer

GameFi/Blockchain Lawyer | Crypto Regulatory & Ethics Policy | Crypto Counsel | Board & Advisory Board Member | Senior Advisor

​Prof Trexia | Head of Community

Serial Entrepreneur | Community Goddess | S.E.Asia Market Expert | Growth Hacker | Social Engagement Strategist

Elena | Game Design Lead

Senior Game Designer | Unreal Engine Developer | Gaming Software Engineer | Avid Traditional/Web3 Gamer

Natalie | Social Media Manager

Social/Gaming Marketing Expert | Partnerships & KOLs Assistant | Web3 Gamer

Partners & Backers

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