The Game is now LIVE!

The game is launched, here is how you can start playing!
SOULS OF MΞTΛ has 3 playable level types and earning models:
  • Fun-2-Earn (Get NFTs, join single-player PvE battles, and earn SMP)
  • Win-2-Earn (Get Gladiator Badges and fight against other players to win BUSD)
  • Free-2-Play (Enjoy both PvE and PvP for free, but with no rewards as well)
Now featuring both single-player and multiplayer for everyone to enjoy!
Brand new Win-2-Earn PvP Battle Arena is now live! Defeat your opponents and win huge rewards in epic 1x1 battles! Get started here.

Quick Onboarding Guide

1) Create an account on SoulPad Portal and download the game client to start
2) Play all of the available game modes:
⚔️ F2E in PvE: Get 1 Character and 1 Weapon NFT in your Web3 Wallet, fight monsters and earn SMP that can be converted to BUSD for Top 3 Monthly Players. Enter Fun-2-Earn Progression Mode in the game to start. ⚔️ W2E in PvP: Get Gladiator Badges to fight on PvP Battle Arena for glory and BUSD rewards! Talk to Arena Master NPC in the game to start. ⚔️ F2P: Fight against The Horde for fun in the PvE mode or train yourself against real players in the PvP mode. Enter Undead Realm or Samurai Realms for PvE. Talk to Arena Master NPC and select Training mode for PvP.

Earn Requirements

1 – SOM NFTs or Gladiator Badges 2 – Web3 Wallet 3 – In-game Account 4 - Portal Account 4 – Stable Internet connection 5 – Invited friends through Refer-2-Earn
For more information visit: F2E page | W2E page
The game is built on Unreal Engine 5 and runs on Windows PC only for now. Mobile versions will be released soon, stay tuned!

PvP vs PvE modes comparison

Requirements: PvE — 2 NFTs (10 BUSD), PvP — Gladiator Badge (5 BUSD) Yield: PvE 10.5 BUSD per week max and only for Top 3 Monthly earners, PvP — $9 BUSD per battle (5–10 minutes) Risk level: PvE — none, PvP — high (win or lose scenario)
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