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F2E Earnings Model

SOULS OF MΞTΛ game is focused on Fun gameplay, NFT assets Ownership, and Web3 Earning.
F2E Launch Trailer
Souls of Meta Fun-2-Earn game is live! Join the battle now! Get Souls of Meta Playable NFTs on SoulPad.
The game is out! You can now start your Fun-2-Earn journey in SOULS OF MΞTΛ:
🛒 Buy NFTs
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Fun-2-Earn game cycle
SMP earning potential depends on multiple factors:
  • NFT tier (character + weapon) bonus
  • Collection rank bonus
  • Time spent in-game
  • Realm bonus (coming soon)
Currently, 1 BUSD = 40,000 SMP.
To play the game and earn, each player must get a Character and Weapon NFTs. Here is an overview of NFT tier, price and Collections rank bonuses:
Only the Top 3 Monthly SMP earners will receive rewards converted into BUSD at the end of each month. Everyone else SMP will be burned. Read more about it in this article.
The starting tier (N-Tier) NFTs can be purchased for 40 BUSD on SoulPad (20 BUSD for N-tier Character and 20 BUSD for N-Tier Weapon of Non-Genesis collection). You can expect to earn up to 40 BUSD per month for playing 8-10 hrs per day based on the current economic model which will change based on market conditions. Your initial 40 BUSD investment can be earned back in around 4 weeks with about 8-10 hours of average daily gameplay.
To maximize your earning potential as well as ROI you can:
  • Get NFTs of higher tier to boost your SMP equipment bonus
  • Participate in competitions and tournaments to get tokens multipliers and free NFTs
  • Test your skills in PvP modes to battle for huge prizes (coming soon)
  • Join multiple Guilds
  • Play the game longer and more often
  • Invite your friends to buy NFT and earn rewards in BUSD via Refer-2-Earn
Join our community to ask questions and join multiple competitions to win prizes!