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W2E Earnings Model

SOULS OF MΞTΛ PvP Battle Arena is a high-risk high-reward type of gaming mode. It is designed for players who excel in battle and enjoy higher stakes!​
W2E Release Trailer
The brand new 1x1 Player-vs-Player mode with Win-2-Earn Battle Arena is a massive update to the Souls of Meta game. It implements a super innovative and highly sustainable proprietary Win-2-Earn model where players can have fun battling each other and win cash rewards!

Win-2-Earn PvP Rules and Mechanics

⭐️ 1 PvP Battle requires 2 players to fight each other and determine the winner ⭐️ To enter the PvP matchmaking each player should get at least 1 Gladiator Badge ⭐️ Each Gladiator Badge costs 5 BUSD at a current special price ⭐️ Each Battle consists of a minimum of 2 rounds ⭐️ For each Battle between 2 players, the Prize Pool consists of Gladiator Badge price x2 (10 BUSD) ⭐️ The Winner of the Battle will get $9 (90%) out of the $10 Prize Pool as the Platform fee is $1 (10%) per Battle ⭐️ Chances to win in battle are 100% dependent on player skill in the game and are currently not influenced by NFT rank or character attributes. However, Characters have different skills, and the higher their level is the more powerful they are.

Daily Battles for Matchmaking

You will be able to join the battle at any time with your friends. But if you don’t have an opponent — no worries, we’ve got you covered.
Daily Battles are live two times per day and last for 1 hour. The first half is for Win-2-Earn and the second is for training in Free-2-Play. Both modes are available through the Arena Master NPC. These would be the slots for all the players to simultaneously join the fun:
Matchmaking time slots: 7–8 PM UTC-8 and 7–8 PM UTC+8 on a Thailand Download Region in Steam. Join Win-2-Earn Battles at 7–7:30 PM UTC +/-8 Join Free-2-Play Battles at 7:30 PM UTC +/-8
Join the battle at these times to maximize your chances of finding the opponent (matchmaking)! You can also look for opponents and schedule battles with them on a dedicated Discord Matchmaking chat.

How to start?

Read the full step-by-step Win-2-Earn onboarding guide in this article. You can also visit a dedicated PvP page on our website or watch a release trailer.
Key Steps: 1) Create an account on SoulPad Portal 2) Purchase the Gladiator Badges on SoulPad Portal 3) Launch Steam with Thailand set as a Download Region 4) Find an opponent to fight against or enter Win-2-Earn PVP Battle Arena at the Daily Battles time slots to increase chances of matchmaking as described in the above section 5) Check your Dashboard and receive your rewards in BUSD by the 5th day of next month
Note: you do not need NFTs to play in the Win-2-Earn PVP Battle Arena mode! However, players with NFTs have special powerful skills that they can use and have an edge.