Character NFTs Drop

Get NFTs on SoulPad or Binance NFT.
After INO only Normal tier NFTs will be available to mint at a fixed price. Other tiers can only be purchased through the Secondary Marketplace using $SOM or upgraded within the game.
Launchpads: Binance NFT, BitMart, Babylons, NFTb, and SoulPad
Quantity: 6486 NFTs
Unique Characters: 6
Floor Price: 80 BUSD (worth of SOM)
Tiers: N, R, SR, SSR
Generation: User can select the tier / Mystery Boxes
Genesis perks:
  • 5% SMP token farming bonus (stacks with Tier bonus)
  • 10% bonus to SoulPower core attribute that will boost all deriving attributes of the character.
  • complimentary set of 3 Skill points: these will allow unlocking all 3 character skills without spending SOM. Upgrading those skills on each new level will require an increasing amount of SOM tokens afterward.
  • a Genesis Pedestal beneath the character, confirming unique status.
SMP farming bonuses and Energy levels based on NFT Tiers:
SMP farming bonus
Energy level
1 hour
2 hours
Super Rare
3 hours
Super Super Rare
4 hours
You can read more on the Energy levels mechanic and SMP token farming.
There are 6486 NFTs of Genesis Playable Characters to collect in the character INO. We will introduce 6 visually unique characters, each having 1081 copies. Despite copies being the same visually, they will have different tiers. You will be able to purchase your Genesis Playable Character NFTs at a floor price of 80 BUSD worth of SOM each depending on what you unlock in the Mystery Box. Each Character will have its own attributes (in accordance with the NFT attributes section of this Gamepaper). Most importantly, the tier of your NFT can be selected only on INO (consult the NFT Rarity section of this Gamepaper for a rarity overview).