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SMP token

SMP is an ecosystem BEP-20 governance and rewards token that empowers the world around you:
  • Designed to promote healthy scalable token economics through dynamically balanced token emissions
  • Stands for SOULS OF MΞTΛ Points and serves as a governance token – this is your tool to influence the SOULS OF MΞTΛ game directly and shape its future! Stake SMP on SoulDAO and vote for features you would like to see in your favorite game.
  • Claimable as a reward after each Fun-2-Earn game round in all our Play Modes: defeat monsters and Horde Overlords, complete quests and events, loot treasure chests, and more!
  • Is paid as a royalty for participating in various Create-2-Earn activities such as Game Level & Asset creation in SoulVerse
  • Is harvested through the Build-to-Earn model by owning fractional Town NFTs
  • Earnable through Watch-2-Earn economic model via watching live streams
  • Generated as a reward for lending NFTs to other players
  • Can be easily swapped to SOM token
SMP is only given to the players and contributors in the game so that only true game fans can have influence over the future of the game development by voting for new features through staking it in SoulDAO!
SMP has unlimited supply with an elastic token emission model in alignment with in-game transaction volumes and network economics.