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Game Level and Asset Library

All player-created levels are stored in the Game Level and Asset Library. Creators will be able to mint their level NFTs to the Game Level Library and review their income and usage statistics on a daily basis.
All minting activities within the game require SOM tokens to be paid as a fee.
After entering the Play Mode of their choosing, players can opt-in to use not only auto-generated levels but also the player-created ones. By doing so they agree to share a small percentage of their collected SMP tokens with the level creator or owner. The main incentive for players to support level designers is a more diverse gameplay experience and fun. Each player will be able to create his own sub-story within the SOULS OF MΞTΛ.
Moreover, level designers will be able to create special assets like landscapes, buildings, characters and even monsters! Each of those can be traded on the Marketplace and used within the level to make it unrecognizably unique and fun to play. These concepts and mechanisms will be introduced in a greater detail later down the road.