GuildFi Features

Guilds are welcome to join SOULS OF MΞTΛ and create scholarship programs that will increase earnings with fun.

Key guild activities are:

  • Invite friends and other like-minded players

  • Teach other players about key game mechanics

  • Play together to increase your rewards

  • Embrace Fun-2-Earn gameplay and farm SMP tokens

  • Participate in the Guild Leaderboard to earn bonuses

  • Battle on PvP Arena with other Guilds

  • Rent NFTs to your Guild members

  • Co-own land and upgrade Guild Hub for more benefits and earn

  • Participate in Create-2-Earn activities and contribute to SoulVerse diversity

Upcoming Guild-centric features include, but are not limited to:

1) Guilds will have Storage for their most precious NFTs that are located in their respective Guild Hubs. Each guild member will be eligible to own a fraction of those NFTs depending on when they joined the guild and their contribution.

2) Guild members can contribute to grow their inner Guild Contribution Rank and receive a bigger fraction in guilds’ NFTs. In case those NFTs are staked, lent, or sold, the reward is distributed between all fractional holders proportionally to their Guild Contribution Rank.

3) Guild Hubs can also be upgraded to get access to higher-tier equipment, better staking APYs, and many other bonuses. To upgrade a Guild Hub, all team members must complete a certain chain of quests that will be available on the Dashboard.

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