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At the start of each level you have to select up to 3 playable characters
Here are several gameplay mechanics that you and your friends can combine to maximize your Fun-2-Play:
  • Select up to 3 NFT characters with the most compatible skillset to beat the upcoming level (choose wisely, death penalties apply!) in the selected Play Mode
  • Switch between your characters and use different abilities to solve Puzzles like collecting mystery artifacts or unlocking doors that are essential to completing the level
  • Hunt down all enemies across the level to maximize your SMP and XP gains
  • Team up against powerful Horde Overlords to obtain more SMP + exclusive NFTs
  • Participate in-game events to receive unique items, characters, and cosmetics
  • Spend Skill points to learn new skills and level up your playable character NFTs (requires SOM)
  • Spend SOM tokens to upgrade your characters, weapons, etc, and become stronger to be able to farm even more SMP tokens
  • Find mysterious NPCs to receive additional Quests that will lead to hidden treasures
  • Move across Play Modes alone or with your team and complete Daily Missions
  • Visit Marketplace to trade or lend NFTs to other players
  • Stake your SOM tokens and LPs to multiply your gains even further and win special high-tier NFTs
  • Join guilds to find new friends, participate in events together and receive fractional earnings from guilds NFTs lending, staking, and trading
  • Complete Town Quests to upgrade your town, unlock new buildings, NPCs, quests, and lower the taxes
  • Buy and develop your land to increase your Staking yield dramatically
  • Participate in an unparalleled partnership NFT drops to obtain playable characters from different NFT games!
  • Immerse into Seasonal events and choose a Faction that you will bring to glory and receive massive gains!