Democratize access to wealth creation and alleviate poverty for a better world through Fun-2-Earn (Play-Own-Earn + Free-2-Play) NFT economy with a fun and engaging gaming metaverse experience.
In the modern age so many people suffer and lose jobs because of pandemics and wars. We want to help them out by providing a new way to earn their living. Anyone will be able to earn in SOULS OF MΞTΛ due to:
  • Low and fixed entry prices for NFTs
  • The simple learning curve for newbies
  • Free-to-Play mode allows you to try before buying
  • Deflationary tokenomics
  • Regular new Fun-2-Earn features releases
SOULS OF MΞTΛ is a game that will always be fun to play and easy to earn! Join our growing factions now to stay updated!