Brief Plot Overview

SOULS OF MΞTΛ Synopsis and Plot
Genesis INO SuperSoul Heroes
SOULS OF MΞTΛ are playable NFT characters that are native to our Metaverse. They were born here and throughout quantum time and space, shaped and built multiple realities and realms according to their own consciousness level aligned choices. They called themselves SuperSouls of SoulVerse (our Native Metaverse) or in short – SOULS OF MΞTΛ.
Here is the known history of SoulVerse:
“At first, everything was perfect and life was simple, SoulVerse thrived. But then, a Yama demon emerged from the Patala Abyss and threatened the very existence of this magical dreamworld. Trillions of demonic and undead creatures known as The Horde were summoned to fight alongside Yama to claim SoulVerse. A mighty Super Soulhero, Indra accepted the challenge and forged the Sphere of Souls to invite all kinds of foreign SuperSouls from other realms, worlds, and metaverses. By doing so, he assembled an unseen force of SuperSoul Warriors to fight The Horde. His plan to withdraw from the enemy succeeded and the victory was at hand. In the final battle, Indra fought Yama fiercely and desperately but was trapped and captured by evil Yama to be hidden deep inside the Abyss…
Having no one to stop him, Yama crushed the remaining SuperSoul Warriors and broke the Sphere of Souls that held SoulVerse together. Since then SoulVerse is split into several broken fragments that are only reachable by hidden portals. It is rumored that each part contains a piece of the Sphere of Souls.
Now is the time for a new Super Soulhero to arise. His task would be even more difficult this time: not only does he have to fight The Horde across different parts of SoulVerse and bring the Sphere of Souls together, but also find out why Indra was defeated, rescue him, and banish the constantly getting stronger Yama back into Patala Abyss.”
Throughout your journey, you will have a chance to discover lost story episodes, uncover mysteries of SoulVerse, fight Yama's Horde and unite with friends to find all Sphere of Souls fragments and finally restore the SOULS OF MΞTΛ multiverse!