Free-to-Play Model

Test our game on a growing amount of platforms!

You may download the main F2E | W2E | F2P game client and: 1) Fight against The Horde for fun in the PvE mode or train yourself against real players in the PvP mode. Enter Undead Realm or Samurai Realms for PvE 2) Talk to Arena Master NPC and select Training mode for PvP Arena Battles with real players

Or download the Legacy F2P game client (scroll down on the download page) previously called the Demo:

The Free-2-Play Legacy version is built using Unreal Engine 4 and can run on a large variety of platforms, including Windows and HTML5-enabled web browsers on our Playable Game Demo site, Windows Version, Web/HTML5 Version, and from now on – Android Version!

The Demo gives players an overview of three different locations in SOULS OF MΞTΛ. Two of them are levels inside different Realms that can be played from the beginning to the end. First, one is a Dungeon-themed Realm and the second is a Samurai-themed Realm with completely different visuals, play tactics, and level design. The third is the INO Town – a location where players will be able to socialize, trade, take quests, select Play Modes, and of course, participate in all our INOs!

Each level gives us control over 3 different characters and the player can switch between them at any time. In total, we have 7 different characters that can be played throughout the Demo: druid, mage, warrior, ninja, samurai, geisha, and one special golem character. The gameplay by itself combines such core mechanics as fighting, puzzle solving, leveling, and earning coins. Characters can gain experience to level up themselves and learn new skills.

Fights are represented as a fast-paced third-person action where you can use spells and melee combo attacks to take down large groups of enemies. There are two types of enemies in a demo: melee (warriors) and ranged (mages). Also, there are Horde Overlords on each level that are stronger and smarter than the regular ones. Horde Overlords can only be defeated by a special playable character that will be summoned after solving a series of puzzles and challenges.

Puzzles depend on the characters that the player is currently playing: druids can avoid deadly traps by healing themselves, mages can cast long-range AOE spells to kill large groups of enemies more safely, and warriors can be effective in melee fights. They dash forward at a large distance which helps them in fights by penetrating the opponents and solving puzzles that include jumping over obstacles.

During gameplay, players can collect tokens that will be used on a Marketplace to trade NFTs with other players after the game Fun-2-Earn update. It can be done in a separate INO Town location as mentioned earlier. Stay tuned for updates in the announcements channel!

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