Guild NFT Packages

Select your package to join Fun-2-Earn gameplay

To start playing and earning you will need to buy 1 Character and 1 Weapon NFT per each Scholar.

We currently offer 4 promotional options for Guilds to allow joining SOULS OF MΞTΛ Fun-2-Earn game cheaper and faster:

1) Invest in the NFT portfolio for your Scholars

Select NFT quantity, type, tier and:

⚡️Buy 10 NFTs to get a 5% discount ⚡️Buy 20 NFTs to get a 10% discount ⚡️Buy 40 NFTs to get a 20% discount ⚡️Buy 60 NFTs to get a 30% discount ⚡️Buy 80 NFTs to get a 40% discount

2) Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Starting from 100 NFTs: you can buy 100+ Characters of your choice (select tier, type, and quantity) and receive 100+ Weapons for free.

3) Rent NFTs in compliance with your common Guild Strategy

We provide NFTs for free and can share the profits between your scholars, your guild, and us.

4) GNFT - Buy Now Pay Later

Guild NFTs allow scholars to access Fun-2-Earn features now but pay in installments from their earnings: 50% of their daily earnings will go towards the debt until it is paid in full. Then scholar owns his Character and Weapon NFTs and receives 100% of profits forever. Read more about GNFTs here.

How to get NFTs for Guilds?

Here is the key information on NFTs in SOULS OF MΞTΛ:

Right after you've chosen one of the Guild NFT Packages described above you can browse and select your NFT portfolio here -

After that, you can contact us for further guidance in our official community (ask a moderator for help) or apply as a Guild through this form.

PvP Arena does not require NFTs. Players can simply buy Gladiator Badges to enter and fight in this high-risk high-reward mode. More details are available in this guide.

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